Flying Lead Harness for PMU-16 - Tefzel Version

Product image 1Flying Lead Harness for PMU-16 - Tefzel Version
Product image 2Flying Lead Harness for PMU-16 - Tefzel Version

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Contains the following wire crimped to PMU Terminals.

Note: Due to the ongoing shortage of Tefzel wire the colors in your Flying Lead Harness may differ from this list.

Small Terminal (16 feet)

  • M22759/32-22-⅘  Green/Yellow
  • M22759/32-22-5 Green
  • M22759/32-22-9 White
  • M22759/32-22-3 Orange
  • M22759/32-22-6 Light Blue
  • M22759/32-22-8 Gray
  • M22759/32-22-1 Brown
  • M22759/32-20-1 Brown
  • M22759/32-18-2 Red

Small Terminal High-Current (16 feet)

  • M22759/32-16-2 Red
  • M22759/32-16-5 Green
  • M22759/32-16-6 Blue
  • M22759/32-16-8 Gray
  • M22759/32-16-7 Purple

Large Terminal High-Current (16 feet)

  • M22759/16-14-4 Yellow
  • M22759/16-14-3 Orange
  • M22759/16-14-2 Red
  • M22759/16-12-4 Yellow
  • M22759/16-12-9 White
  • M22759/16-12-6 Blue

Large Terminal High-Current (12 feet)

  • M22759/16-14-8 Gray
  • M22759/16-12-7 Purple
  • M22759/16-12-5 Green
  • M22759/16-12-8 Gray
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