Software, Manual, and Base Map Downloads

Important Support Note:
The "EMU First Start Checklist" must be read first before an email is sent to Support for troubleshooting. The majority of Support questions for procedures, installs, and other subjects are covered in the document. 

EMU Black or EMU Classic Install

Step 1: Below is the link to the EMU First Start Checklist and FAQ and Troubleshooting document links. The ECU is the brain of the engine. Certain functions are very important to test and set for an engine to start and run. Setting base ignition timing along with setting and testing inputs and outputs are critical steps to know everything is working correctly before trying to start the engine on a base map. This document, the EMU Black Training Manual, and the "?" Help buttons found in the EMU Client software tuning parameter windows will help you learn how circuits work and how fuel injected engines are controlled. Please click the EMU First Start Checklist below for information on installation of the EMU Black, EMU Classic, and PnP adapter along with additional procedures that will improve your experience with engines. If you are using a Flying Lead Harness or making your own wire harness, all available ECU pinout diagrams are located in the Base Maps and Manuals link at the bottom of this page.
The FAQ and Troubleshooting document contains information on EMU Advanced Lambda fuel tuning, diagnosing non-functional sensor circuits, and much more. We continually add more information in both documents that we find helpful to customers and experienced tuners.  

EMU Client Tuning Software - General Software, Firmware Downloads, and EMU Connector Pinouts 

    EMU Black Training Manual

    230 page PDF that will walk you through all aspects of setting up the EMU Black. All principles apply to the EMU Classic as well. Worth the read!

    ADU 5 & 7 Software

    LiteClient for USB to CAN

    Used for configuring small CAN modules (changing address on CAN Keyboards, GPS to CAN configuration, Dual H Bridge configuration) using the USB to CAN interface. Also enables use of USB to CAN adapter as a CAN sniffing tool.

    Base Maps and Manuals

    These base maps are for use with plug and play adapters ONLY! If you have a custom engine harness (self-built, Tweak'd, Wiring Specialties, etc.) the output assignments may not be correct and could damage your engine. Verify all assigned outputs and ensure that they match your wiring! In the software, go to "Tools-> Show assigned outputs" and "Tools-> Show assigned inputs". If they do not match, do not load the map to your ECU, change the outputs first. You will also find all Plug and Play adapter manuals at this link.


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