ECUMaster ADU5e Ad-Supported Display Dash

Introducing The World’s First Ad-Supported Racing Dash!

Are you an ultra-cost-conscious racer, tirelessly searching for ways to shave off a few dollars from your racing expenses? Look no further, because ECUMaster is once again revolutionizing the display game with the all-new, slightly intrusive, yet wallet-friendly ADU5e, an Advanced Display Unit with Logging... and Ads!
Gone are the days of choosing between high-quality gear and your budget. With the ADU5e, you can have your race cake and eat it too, all while enjoying occasional, strategically placed advertisements. Imagine flying down the track, the song of the engine in your ears, and a crisp, bright ad for "Joe's Discount Tire Emporium" pops up just as you're about to take the tightest corner. Thrilling, isn't it?

The ADU5e still boasts the ultra-bright RGB LEDs, now with the added functionality of flashing enticing offers and reminders like "LAST CHANCE FOR FREE SHIPPING!" as you downshift into a hairpin turn.

Housed in the same rugged, CNC machined, black anodized enclosure, the ADU5e is the perfect blend of performance, thriftiness, and a slight, ignorable nuisance. It's not just a dash; it's a shopping assistant at 200 mph.

Get ready to experience racing like never before with the ADU5e - where every lap is a chance to save!




April fools ☺
Get a real ADU5 here!

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